Mia listens on couchMia listens on couch

Mia: Week 6

Paul finds Mia in his waiting room, depressed. "It's over," she says. "I'm not pregnant." She says she started bleeding on Friday, and ever since, her new sense of purpose—and feeling "normal for once"—has disappeared. Now she feels emotionally numb. Mia's mother called to check up on her after she missed a niece's piano recital, and assuming Mia was sick, she brought a plate of pierogies by the house. When she found her daughter crying, she figured out what was wrong. She tried to console Mia and tell her how proud she is about the life her daughter has built, going so far as to admit that she had no right to blame Mia for ruining her modeling career. In fact, that had always been a "cover story." The truth was that her mother fell into a deep depression after Mia was born, and when she became pregnant again with the twins, it was Mia's father who wanted to send Mia away. Mia doesn't believe her mother and is irritated that she came seeking absolution. Paul, however, says she needs to stop excusing her father from any blame. It was he, in fact, who arranged her abortion twenty years ago. And according to Mia's mother, it was her father who sold their piano. Paul shares his experience with his own parents as a lesson for Mia to deal with her filial issues. Before she leaves, Mia tells Paul that her mother drove her over to their old family doctor in Greenpoint—the same man who delivered her decades ago. It turns out she'd never been pregnant to begin with—and with her FSH level, it's unlikely she ever will be.