Walter: Week 5

Paul is greeted by Walter's daughter Natalie when he arrives at the hospital to visit. When Walter missed his session, Paul phoned and Connie told him Walter had food poisoning. At the hospital, Paul discovers it's more serious. They have an impromptu session in Walter's hospital room, as Paul pushes him to admit what really happened. He tells Walter that if Natalie hadn't learned on the way to the airport that her flight was canceled, causing her and Connie to turn around and come home, Walter wouldn't have survived. But Walter deftly avoids his probing, insisting there's nothing wrong, he just wants to go home. When Paul confronts him with the undeniable fact that they pumped his stomach and found pills, Walter shrugs it off, saying he must have reached for the wrong bottle after he dozed off. Paul informs Walter he's going to express his concern to the doctors, and Walter fires back that he knows about Alex's case and Paul needn't overreact. Walter had a background check run on Paul but hadn't read it until he canceled their session the week before. Paul asks if Walter felt let down, but Walter insists he was relieved. Finally, Walter admits the truth: that he pretended to feel better so Connie and Natalie would leave him alone long enough so he could take enough pills for a "millionaire's death." Paul makes Walter see that that solution would have destroyed both Connie and Natalie. He challenges Walter's sense of guilt over both Tommy's and James's deaths, as well as the crisis at his company. Walter accuses Paul of trying to get him to deal with his guilt the same way Paul must deal with his own guilt about Alex: By convincing himself he did the best he could. Walter can't accept that; he's too old to start over. When Paul informs Walter that he won't allow the hospital to discharge him, Walter throws him out. Outside, Paul and Natalie debrief, and Natalie is stunned to learn that her father never told her the truth about her mother: Connie has been in and out of rehab for alcohol and pills.