April: Week 5

April arrives, looking a bit tired but in good spirits. She reveals that she's been having conversations with Paul in her head; that the two of them discuss whether life is worth living. He notes that it sounds like she's using his voice to give herself good advice, but April says it's more like he's testing her and that she passes by surviving. But when Paul asks if she'll earn extra credit by telling her parents about the cancer, she changes the subject. She had a bad night recently and called her friend Leah, who is like a sister, to help her through the fever. Paul reminds her that Kyle also came running at a moment's notice, and points out that April demands fierce loyalty from her friends, though she's very hesitant to rely on them. Now that she's losing her hair, April knows she needs to figure out how to tell her parents that she's sick — could he just do it for her? He insists she needs to do it herself, and when he adds that he can't continue taking her to chemo, April falls apart. She thinks Paul's dropping her and brings up his cancellation last week. When he explains that his father died, she apologizes, but part of her is just trying to withdraw from him. As she prepares to leave, he asks her to call him when she knows who will take her to chemo. "I want to know you've found somebody," he tells her.