Gina: Week 4

Paul gives his deposition in the malpractice suit, getting worked up as he realizes the opposition is suggesting that Alex and Laura's affair affected his treatment of Alex. Later, meeting Tammy at a coffee shop, he becomes irritable when she tries to tell him about her day, accusing her of wanting him to interpret her boss's and husband's behavior. Tammy notes that they sped through infatuated to obligated in record time, and Paul excuses himself to meet Rosie. At Gina's, Paul arrives late, blaming Rosie for making him wait. At Gina's prodding, he recalls the last time he felt close to his daughter was being with her at the hospital when she broke her arm — which triggers him to tell Gina he took April to chemo that week. Paul acknowledges that he's trying to get from his patients what he can't get from his family right now. Gina pushes him to enumerate his needs, and he says he misses his family, he's lonely. He tells of going to a bar in Brooklyn and seeing women who don't see him. The women in the bar remind him of his patient Mia — who he admits is the type of woman he could be with, but he assures Gina he won't be falling in love with another patient any time soon after Laura. Gina asks about Tammy, and Paul reacts with anger. He confesses they slept together, accusing her of knowing it would happen, that it was a test to see if he could control himself. Gina doesn't take the bait, instead asking about his father, and Paul admits he hasn't been to see him. He accuses Gina of nagging him but she presses ahead — insisting she just wants him to be able to resolve his issues with his father before it's too late. She urges him to be a "grown son" to his father so he can heal the wounds of his childhood. Paul finally visits his father, now in a coma, in the nursing home. He reads to him from the sports page, attempts an apology for not visiting sooner and an acknowledgment that what happened to his mother wasn't his father's fault, and ends up talking to him about his own life and problems as his father slips away.