April: Week 4

April arrives early and somewhat agitated, explaining that she may have to leave abruptly if her brother Daniel calls. He tried to jump off the roof and now has gone to meet with Mr. Heath, a man who's helped him through though times in the past. April still hasn't started treatment or told her parents that she has cancer; in fact, she was standing in the lobby of the hospital considering chemo when her mother called with the news of Daniel's near-suicide. April says she thinks she's depressed and has episodes where she literally can't get off the bathroom floor. Paul insists that she call him when she feels that way. He's concerned that her mother passes on anxiety to April, but the girl has no one to lean on. He wonders if her unwillingness to treat her cancer stems from her fear of taking care of Daniel for the rest of her life. She admits she doesn't want to do that — and Paul reminds her that she can't control the future, only choose to be in it — but as soon as he tries to leverage her revelation to steer the conversation toward chemo, Daniel calls. He's in Central Park, having skipped his appointment with Mr. Heath. Immediately, April jumps into action, making arrangements to meet Daniel and calling Mr. Heath to reschedule. But Paul loses his patience and raises his voice, demanding that April stop trying to take care of everyone all the time and look after herself. Her mother calls, and April says she can't pick up Daniel at the park. Her mother hangs up on her, but April agrees to go with Paul — right now — to receive treatment.