Paul Weston sits in kitchen with MiaPaul Weston sits in kitchen with Mia

Mia: Week 4

Mia arrives late and barges into Paul's personal living space, explaining that she grabbed breakfast on the way and wants to eat it. Paul doesn't appreciate the intrusion. Mia sloughs off his displeasure, telling him that she went out to a club in Brooklyn and then slept with a 20-year-old guitarist. Unlike Bennett, who has a small penis and shares lawyers' irritating need to always be on top during sex, the guitarist really knew what he was doing in bed. The next night, she says, she went to a motel in Queens with a 50-year-old cop who told her what to do and spanked her if she didn't listen. Paul asks if Mia is trying to shock him, and when he presses her about what drove these out-of-character sexcapades, she admits that it's about Bennett. He's leaving his wife... for Stephanie, the perky young receptionist at their firm. She wants Paul to tell her the behavior was immature, and he complies, warning her that it was dangerous and begging her not to do it again. When Mia tells him the cop was married, Paul suggests that she likes having secrets with married men, that it makes her feel special — much like her father used to make her feel like his favorite. Mia latches onto that and says she spent the weekend with her father, who hasn't been acting like himself and actually needs to be cared for like a child. She's worried that she'll never find a man like him and will end up spending the rest of her life alone.