Kate and Paul Weston leaving roomKate and Paul Weston leaving room

Gina: Week 2

Kate is waiting for Paul at Gina's to get him to fill out a financial aid form for Rosie's college applications. Their exchange devolves into an argument that Tammy Kent overhears as she is leaving. Frustrated, Paul enters his session with Gina announcing he's decided he can't be in therapy with her after all. Gina says okay, and gets up to leave to do some errands, much to Paul's dismay. He begs Gina to stay and talk to him for ten minutes, promising to leave after that. Gina listens neutrally while Paul vents about all of the things he could work on in therapy — his anger, his feelings about Laura and Alex and the lawsuit, and his past with Tammy and how it connects to his mother. Gina urges him to try and get clear about what happened between Paul and both his parents around his mother's death, so he can let it go. They discuss what ground rules would have to exist if Gina were to treat both Tammy and Paul, and she insists Paul promise nothing will happen between him and Tammy until or unless they are no longer her patients. Paul agrees to continue therapy, and they begin again — by discussing his first love, Tammy Kent. In particular, they talk about how his time with her coincided with Paul's father moving out and his mother's depression. He recollects enjoying one Christmas Eve at the Kent's when he suddenly felt guilty and returned home to find his mother unconscious, having attempted suicide for the first time. The rest of the night, he insists, is a blank. Gina urges him to do whatever he can to remember that night, to see if he can dig up anything that might assuage his guilt. After he leaves, Paul dials information for Tammy's phone number.