Mia: Week 1

Paul answers the door at his new Brooklyn apartment to find Alex Sr., the father of the patient who died during a flight exercise last year, serving him with a law suit - he blames Paul for his son's death. When Paul shows up to discuss the case with his lawyer, he's surprised to discover Mia, a patient of his from 20 years ago. Now a high-powered malpractice attorney, she assures him she's just covering for the lawyer at her firm who will be handling his case. Mia is concerned that Paul doesn't have notes from his sessions and asks if they can depose Gina, since she acted as his supervisor; Paul reluctantly agrees. As Mia questions him about his practice and his life (having noticed he's divorced from his file), Paul grows increasingly uncomfortable and suggests that there is a lot of subtext in their meeting - namely, her unresolved issues about how her therapy ended twenty years ago. They are interrupted twice by calls from her father, and once from her firm's managing partner, Bennet, who lets Paul know that Mia grabbed his file. When Bennet leaves, Paul says he doesn't think they should work together and Mia recalls how he told her the same thing twenty years ago. After arguing about how things ended back then, Mia acknowledges that intercepting Paul's case was a mistake and agrees to turn everything over to the other attorney.