Alex on couch across from Paul WestonAlex on couch across from Paul Weston

Alex: Week 2

Directed by: Rodrigo Garcia
Teleplay by: Bryan Goluboff

Alex reports to a concerned Paul about his stoic return to the site of his botched air strike and insists he no longer has the capacity to feel guilt. But as Paul probes, Alex tells of a local Iraqi man he is certain knew Alex was responsible for the bombing deaths because he gave him the same all-knowing look his father gives him ? but he still refuses to discuss his father when Paul probes. Alex brings up problems with his wife Michaela and Paul suggests that the things that are bothering Alex about his wife are actually reflections of things within Alex that he doesn?t want to face. Alex says his session with Paul has clinched his decision to leave his wife, and Paul insists that Alex has to stop ascribing his decisions to Paul: He knew he wanted to go back to Iraq and leave his wife before he ever came to therapy.

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