S1 Ep 2: Alex: Week 1

Directed by Rodrigo Garcia
Teleplay by Rodrigo Garcia

Alex, an intense Navy pilot, puts Paul's credentials to the test, while recounting the unfortunate events in Iraq that drove him to therapy: He killed 16 boys flying a bombing mission on the outskirts of Baghdad. He insists he doesn’t have a guilty conscience, explaining that his whole life he has been pushed to excel by his father – and as a member of the military elite. When Paul tries to delve into the father-son issues, Alex resists. Alex relays that he had a heart attack and technically died while running a marathon shortly after the bombing mission; Paul suggests he may have pushed himself so hard physically as a way to atone. Once again Alex denies Paul’s suggestion and asks Paul to weigh in on whether his desire to make a return visit to the bombing site is a good idea but Paul refuses to take responsibility for Alex’s decision.