'Tucson Is the Gateway to Dick' or 'This Is Not Sexy'
Hung | Season 2 | Episode 2

'Tucson Is the Gateway to Dick' or 'This Is Not Sexy'

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Ray awakes to a mattress delivery - a gift from Yael - but he refuses it.

Tanya follows Lenore to a client meeting with a wealthy widow, Frances, whom Lenore has been courting for months. Cornered, Lenore introduces Tanya as her intern. After one too many requests for sweetener, Tanya interrupts Lenore's sales pitch with a hard sell of Ray's services. Frances flees.

Ray finally hits his stride with the pregnant client Claire but is disturbed when he realizes her husband is trying to reconcile. Ray pushes Claire to talk to her ex and she throws a fit - this is not the kind of "sexy" she is looking for.

Jessica's mother Lotte quizzes her daughter about why she's making plans to bowl with Ray. "Friends with first husband, goodbye second husband," she warns. Later, Ray is disappointed when Jessica brings the entire family along - including Lotte and Ronnie - on their bowling date.

Tanya brings an "I'm sorry basket" of Lyric Bread to Frances and talks her way into her home. Frances gives Tanya a Christmas gift, leftover from her husband who died on Christmas Eve. On her way out, Tanya makes one last pitch for Ray's services.

Lenore chastises Ray for counseling Claire to go back to her husband. Running into her fellow pimp, Lenore is suspicious of the Lanvin sweater Tanya is sporting and Tanya brags that it is a gift from Frances. Lenore is not pleased Tanya saw her client behind her back.

Jessica drops Darby off at the mall and spies the Fat Girl protest she is taking part in. Humiliated, Darby orders her skinny mother to go home. Upset, Jessica finally returns Lenore's calls.

Ray shows up at Claire's to quit, but she entices him with $1000 to stay. "Make it $1200," he agrees. Later that night, he pulls the mattress that has been sitting outside into his house and gets a good night's sleep.

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