Season 1 Episode 1

(Series Premiere) A divorced high-school basketball coach (Thomas Jane) looks to change his fortunes by cashing in on his winning tool.
Ray standing in burned house
Tanya maps out a strategy for Ray to attract a higher level of clientele.
Ray and Tanya reach a professional crossroads after Lenore's "test drive.

Season 1 Episode 4

Ray debates whether to follow through on Tanya's leads; Damon overreacts while defending Darby's honor.

Season 1 Episode 5

Ray is challenged by a client’s bizarre fantasies; Jessica frets about finances; Tanya goes on a pity date with Floyd.
Tanya chastises Jemma for setting up dates directly with Ray; Jessica confronts Ronnie about money.
Ray confronts his growing feelings for Jemma; Tanya meets a hipster; Jessica invites Ray to a family dinner.
Ray turns to Tanya for relationship advice, and attends a family barbeque at his ex’s.
Tanya pitches Ray to her co-workers; Ray is baffled by Damon’s new friendship.
(Season One Finale). Tanya and Lenore battle for control of Ray; Jessica needs a jump start.
Tanya and Lenore with umbrellas fighting

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