Community Standards

Welcome to the message boards! We look forward to your participation in our online communities to talk about anything and everything related to our shows.

HBO's Community Forums are moderated by the following set of standards. These standards apply to all community members and their posts. We reserve the right to remove any material that does not (in our judgment) comply with these standards and to revoke posting privileges at our discretion and without warning or explanation. Our decisions are considered final.

1. Be respectful and civil to other members, even if you disagree with them. Differences of opinion are OK; personal attacks are not.

ACCEPTABLE POST: Member X, what you said is stupid and irrelevant. Why would you believe that?

UNACCEPTABLE: Member X, you are a stupid idiot. Only a jackass would believe that.

2. The use of profanity of an exclamatory nature is permitted, provided that the profanity is being used within the context of discussing or quoting the show and/or character and is NOT directed at another person, used in member names or thread titles.

ACCEPTABLE POST: Wow! The shit sure hit the fan on The Wire last night!

UNACCEPTABLE: Member X, I can't believe you didn't like last night's episode, what a dumb shit you are!

3. You shall not use, allow or enable others to use the Site, or knowingly condone use of this Site by others, in any manner that is, attempts to, or is likely to:

be libelous, defamatory, indecent, vulgar or obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or sexually suggestive, racially, culturally, or ethnically offensive, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory, or abusive, or which may or may appear to impersonate anyone else; affect us adversely or reflect negatively on us, the Site, our goodwill, name or reputation or cause duress, distress or discomfort to us or anyone else, or discourage any person, firm or enterprise from using all or any portion, features or functions of the Site.

4. The creation of multiple user names for the purpose of spamming, harassing or disrupting the boards is not allowed. Engaging in this type of behavior may result in ALL user names being banned from further posting.

5. Participation in, suggesting, or encouraging any illegal activity is cause for immediate deletion and suspension of posting privileges, and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

6. Any articles, news reports, or other copyrighted material included in the posts must be with the permission of the relevant copyright owners.

7. Do not flood or spam, post chain letters, pyramid schemes, junk mail, or URLs for outside sites that violate any of these guidelines.

8. No personal or commercial solicitation or advertising will be allowed.

9. Do not post personal or any other information that you do not want made public. Any reference to the identity of the participant with the exception of first name, city and/or state will be removed.

10. Any reference to personal information about users or HBO employees, including names or other information that can be used to identify or locate another individual, or that could otherwise be deemed to constitute invasion of another's privacy will be removed.

11. Please keep in mind that other members may claim expertise or status (legal, medical, etc.) that they do not, in fact, possess, and use discretion in following their advice.

12. Do not post other information that HBO decides (in its sole discretion) is inappropriate for the site.

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Thank you.