Ahead of His Dark Materials Season 2, HBO and Framestore teamed up to build My Daemon, an augmented reality app for iOS and Apple Watch that brings the fantastical world of His Dark Materials to life. Daemons are one of the most extraordinary features of the show, the physical manifestation of a person’s soul in the form of a talking animal-like companion. When the pandemic hit, fans wished more than ever to have their own daemons by their sides. The My Daemon app granted this wish with AR daemons who could guide and encourage users through a His Dark Materials-themed wellness journey.

Daemons are unique to each person, so it was important for MyDaemon to mirror that individuality. Answers to an initial personality quiz determine what characteristics a user’s daemon will have, and with over eighty possible combinations of animal type, coloring, name, and personality, each daemon feels one-of-a-kind.

Users can “Connect” with their daemon by selecting on a sliding scale how they feel physically and emotionally, a moment of mindfulness that results in wellness activity recommendations based on their mood. All suggested activities in the app are aimed at improving a user’s health of mind, body, and spirit. My Daemon syncs with favorite fitness, sleep, music, and meditation apps to automatically track activities and features a Watch iOS integration, so you can easily connect with your daemon anywhere at any time.

MyDaemon also offers users the chance to immerse themselves in the epic story of His Dark Materials. Through the “Journeys” feature, users can progress through the narrative by completing different series of wellness activities curated to reflect the actions and personal growth of fan-favorite characters like Lyra, Will, Iorek Byrnison, and more.

Daemons truly come to life through the “Play” feature, where users can use world-class AR technology to capture social-sharable photos and videos of their daemon companions in their real-world surroundings. Users unlock new badges, poses, and AR animations for their daemons as they complete activities through the app, meaning more ways to unleash their imaginations.

Ultimately, the My Daemon app was a success. Within the first two months, the app garnered 50k downloads, and has 10M+ impressions to date.

The My Daemon app made wellness into a fantastical adventure, bringing fun and self-care to His Dark Materials fans in a time when they were needed the most.

— Compatible with iOS —