Ahead of His Dark Materials Season 2, HBO and KNOWN worked in close collaboration with showrunners and writers to create DaemonsandDust.com, a storytelling companion site for desktop and mobile which serves as the definitive series guide. His Dark Materials is a rich, fantasy world full of its own rules, artifacts and dimensions, and Season 2 brought even more new characters and discoveries. DaemonsandDust.com provides clarity and background on the characters, locations, and concepts found in each world through shareable photos, writing, and custom-made graphics and video, so fans new and old can understand and explore the world of His Dark Materials. Since its launch in mid-October, DaemonsandDust.com has had over 281k page views to date.


DaemonsandDust.com exists outside the world of the show, but its sophisticated design leans into the themes and imagery that make this show’s world and narrative special. Content on the website is categorized by each world visited in Season 2: Lyra’s World, Will’s World, and Cittàgazze. The world of Cittàgazze and other characters and items introduced in Season 2 were teased on the site as “locked” pages, unlocking throughout the season as they were revealed on the show. A sleek, streamlined navigation also makes it easy to find what you're looking for or to discover something new.

Interactive Character Map

Alliances and family ties can get quite complicated in His Dark Materials, but the site’s custom-designed interactive character map displays how characters are connected and what worlds they are from. Daemons — the animal-like companions possessed by every person in Lyra’s world — of major characters are also included on the map and on character pages.

Places, Concepts & Tools

The story’s hero, Lyra, is moved by her unstoppable search for knowledge. Inspired by Lyra’s curiosity, the site encourages exploration by laying out the places, concepts and tools unique to each world in carousels and including links to related items.


A suite of exclusive video content features the series cast and creators as they walk fans through some of the most important and most specific concepts of His Dark Materials, from daemons and Dust, to armored bears and spy-flies.