Season 2 Audiobook Teases

HBO’s His Dark Materials is based on the epic fantasy trilogy of the same name by Philip Pullman. Fans of all ages were drawn to the TV series by their love for Pullman’s rich literary world and slate of complex characters.

HBO paid homage to this beloved source material with a series of episodic teases which begin with excerpts from key scenes of Pullman’s original audiobook narration over his text, and lead into the same scene as portrayed in the show. Though all fans loved the videos, book fans in particular were thrilled to get a glimpse of how highly anticipated scenes from this favorite series were coming to life.

S2 Ep 1: Book to Screen

Worlds collide when Will and Lyra first meet in Cittàgazze.

S2 Ep 2: Book to Screen

Lyra seeks the help of a scholar in Will’s world, but the person she finds is unlike any of the scholars at Jordan College.

S2 Ep 3: Book to Screen

Lyra runs from trouble with the help of a familiar face.

S2 Ep 4: Book to Screen

Will and Lyra find the knife they’re looking for, but they won’t get it without a fight.

S2 Ep 5: Book to Screen

Will comes face-to-face with danger, and her name is Mrs. Coulter.

S2 Ep 6: Book to Screen

The time comes for Lee to trust Jopari, even if he doesn’t have much choice.

S2 Ep 7: Book to Screen

Mrs. Coulter is more powerful than ever before.