Here and Now Season 1 Episode 6Here and Now Season 1 Episode 6

S1 Ep 6: Fight, Death

Fight, Death

Ramon is rocked by a disturbing revelation; Audrey makes a pitch to Steven Benjamin, a wealthy friend.

Jerrika Hinton Confronts Ashley’s Need to Belong

The actor behind the do-it-all “mompreneur” discusses her character’s commitment to perfection and complex familial relationships.

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Alan Ball discusses the ways racism manifests in Episode 6, "Fight, Death."

S1 Ep 6: Recap
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Ramon get some exciting news; Ashley has an honest discussion with Audrey.

Where Do You Exist? Episode 6
Family Secrets

Comedian, activist and author Baratunde Thurston relives the discovery of family secrets; Writer, director, and producer Lacey Schwartz tells us her experience learning the truth about her identity, and special guest speaker, entrepreneur and Harlem Capital venture partner John Henry joins us in the studio to describe the struggles his family faced growing up.

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