Fight, Death
Here and Now | Season 1 | Episode 6

Fight, Death

TV-MA | 59 MIN

Written by: Wes Taylor

Directed by: Lisa Cholodenko

Shokrani has a dream that Mami and Ramon are in his kitchen; he wakes up muttering the phrase Ramon says in the dream: "Siempre comiste todas las mariposas." Before she leaves for work, Layla tells Farid to bring the groceries she left on the counter to his uncle Amir. Farid protests, but Layla tells him to get off his ass and take groceries to the man that raised him, especially since Amir got him out of Iran during the revolution. Later that day, Shokrani translates the phrase from the dream, and is reminded of the butterflies in Ramon's game.

Greg wakes up in his office and lets Michael in. Michael delivers his foreword of Duc's manuscript and offers it to Greg to "build on." Grateful, Greg invites Michael to a training session he has with Duc later that day.

On an intense run, Duc sprints past Carmen who is outside, cleaning her gutter. She calls him over and he pretends he didn't know his run would take him past her house. She flirts with him, but Duc shakes it off and keeps running.

Duc trains Greg and Michael, and Michael tells him he loved his manuscript. Duc is surprised when Michael mentions it reminded him of his Greg's writing. After working out, Greg tells Duc and Michael that he used to be an athlete, but quit sports after he found out his brother died in Vietnam. Duc is grateful to bond with his father, but frustrated Michael is sharing their moment. Greg hands Duc Michael's foreword and passes it off as his own.

Ashley wakes and finds an email from Jamila, who shares the video of a "Nazi apologist" (Audrey) on the news. When Audrey stops by later, Ashley confronts her. Later that morning, Ashley lets out her anger in her Krav Maga self-defense class and makes a new friend, Denise, who Ashley notices, carries a gun in her gym bag. After class, Ashley picks up an upset Haley at school; her daughter reveals a little girl named Chloe called her "poopy." Ashley introduces herself to Chloe's mom and explains what happened. Chloe's mom defends her child, suggesting it must have been someone else because they teach their children "there is no such thing as skin color."

Meeting for coffee, Kristen shows Ramon the video she took of Henry under the bridge. Ramon is upset by Kristen's insinuation Henry is cheating and storms out. He cancels his appointment with Shokrani and bikes to the laundry cafe to confront Henry. They argue outside, and Henry tells Ramon he never lied about being homeless, he just didn't say anything. He returns his key. Ramon returns to his childhood room and finds a box of his drawings containing multiple butterfly sketches. One illustration is of a woman with four scratches down her cheek; another shows a boy whose back is red with lashes.

Audrey pitches her work to Steven Benjamin who is immediately invested in her program. He encourages her to think bigger and tells her he wants to develop a pilot program for the entire country. She comes home and finds Ramon, heartbroken, in his childhood bed. Heartbroken herself, she comforts her son. Ramon asks Audrey to have Greg stop for Pok Pok wings, and she calls her husband to return home just until Ramon and Kristen go to sleep. Greg shows up with the food and he and Audrey quickly equate Ramon's situation to their own. When Ramon goes up to bed, Audrey and Greg fiercely argue. Duc walks in the door and witnesses the whole thing. Duc returns home and tells his publisher (who loved Greg's foreword) that his father would like "one more crack" at it.

Begrudgingly delivering the groceries to his uncle, Farid successfully avoids conflict until Amir calls his mother a whore. Farid angrily knocks groceries on the floor, and a bowtie pastry separates from its container. Farid flashes to a memory of his mother, who referred to the pastries as "butterflies." He draws the connection to Ramon. At dinner, Layla and Navid discus Imam Chuck's sermon and Farid interjects, "There is something connecting us to something else that's way stranger and deeper than anything we can possibly imagine."

Ashley unwinds at home and Malcolm reveals he got a phone call from Babette, Chloe's mom, about their argument. Malcolm tells Ashley she shouldn't call people racist because Haley is going to be in class with these kids for years.

Greg, back in his office, gets a call from Michael who is riding his bike, ecstatic his girlfriend, Emma, agreed to marry him. A car door opens and Michael collides into it, flying over the handlebars.