Here and Now Season 1 Episode 5Here and Now Season 1 Episode 5

S1 Ep 5: From Sun Up to Sun Down

From Sun Up to Sun Down

Farid is troubled by his connection to Ramon; Audrey is enlightened.

Raymond Lee Thinks Duc Is a Huge Control Freak

The actor behind the motivational architect opens up about his character’s painful background, his conflict with his father, and the difficulties upholding his perfect veneer.

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Alan Ball discusses how Ashley handles a condescending assumption.

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Audrey is enlightened.

Where Do You Exist? Episode 5
We Existed

Three New Yorkers explore adoption and identity through their personal stories. Founder of Native Son & former magazine executive Emil Wilbekin shares his experience finding out he was an adopted child; Notable New York-based comedian Eudora Peterson recounts a letter she wrote as an 11-year-old struggling to feel comfortable in her own body, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and radio producer Lisa Pollak opens up about her journey to adopt a child with her husband.

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