Hide and Seek

Written by Nancy Oliver

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

Audrey is angry she’s become the fall guy for the hate crime at the high school. Knowing she’ll need financial backing to keep the Empathy Initiative running, Greg suggests she reach out to Steven Benjamin, a wealthy guy they knew in college.

In Greg’s office, he and Michael talk about marriage, love and Michael proposing to his girlfriend. Duc interrupts to ask his father to write the foreword of his book. Greg agrees, but confesses has no idea what to write, after his son leaves the room. Michael offers to read Duc’s book to help him figure it out.

Duc’s client Lydia wins a Realtor of the Month award. Duc attends the function, and Lydia invites him up during her speech. Afterwards, he hands out his card to potential new clients, including a beautiful woman who unsuccessfully tries to pick him up.

Ramon focuses on his video game, which now features shirtless men with wing-like lacerations on their backs. He’s very focused until Henry pulls him back to bed. Ramon, who has a strong reaction to Henry’s assertion that technology is a way to avoid real life, speaks with emotion about ending up like his Uncle Ike. That night, Ramon wakes up to find Henry missing, and his phone left behind.

With Hailey’s birthday approaching, Ashley and Malcolm realize they never received responses to their invite. Ashley gets on the phone immediately to see if she can find some kids from Hailey’s class to attend. Having tanked their daughter’s birthday plans, Ashley suggests they do a family picnic at Forest Park instead.

Audrey visits Ashley looking for business advice; her daughter suggests the same thing as Greg — find a wealthy backer.

Kristen and Navid are paired for a class project titled, “My Portland” where they have to film people and places that have meaning to them. Kristen has little interest in working with Navid, but is thrilled when a hot jock, Robb, invites her to a party after class.

At the party, Kristen tries to give Robb her first blow job, but he makes it clear she’s not very good at it. Initially embarrassed and upset, Kristen’s courage kicks back in and she dismisses everyone at the party with a “f**k you” on her way out.

Between patients, Dr. Shokrani plays Ramon’s game. Layla calls and asks him to pick some things for their dinner with Imam Chuck, a Muslim convert and the head of their mosque.

“Navid looks up to Imam Chuck in a way he doesn’t look up to you. Because you won’t let anyone in.”
— Layla

Once at Imam Chuck’s home, Layla reminds her husband to be polite, and is furious when he reveals he brought wine for himself. Farid speaks honestly about Islam with Chuck, but he rides the line of being aggressive. Eventually exploding in anger, Farid points out that as a converted Muslim, Imam Chuck has no right to tell him about religion. Afterwards, Layla is ashamed of Farid’s behavior, and reminds him how important Imam Chuck is to Navid.

Kristen arrives at the Shokrani’s to work on her project with Navid, and is immediately intrigued when she sees him in his makeup and hijab.

While making sandwiches for Hailey’s picnic Audrey speaks to Greg about her failures, unsure of her next steps in life.

Audrey, Greg and Kristen stop by Ramon’s to pick him up for the picnic. Ramon is upset he hasn’t heard from Henry, but still decides to go. In Greg’s car, Kristen searches for a phone charger, and her mother pulls out the cock sling — not knowing what it is — instead. Kristen texts her siblings to ask, and Duc identifies the object. Greg quickly covers his tracks with his wife, claiming it’s for the gas tank, but later admits it’s a sex toy, without explaining why he has it.

Wandering Forest Park, Ramon comes across Witch’s Castle, a hiding place. He steps in and is suddenly in a vision of a Colombian village.

A woman Ramon calls “Mami” is relieved to see him, but suddenly vanishes. Ramon retreats from a FARC guerrilla and finds her again in a cave. Screaming, she scratches her face just like the woman from his previous dream. Flames appear where she once stood, and Ramon is trapped in the cave with the guerilla behind him. He hurtles through the fire to escape.

Ramon wakes up screaming for his mother; Audrey and the rest of the family race to him. Audrey rocks her pale, confused son back and forth, while the others, unsure of what to do, look on.