Here and Now Season 1 Episode 4Here and Now Season 1 Episode 4

S1 Ep 4: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Greg and Audrey look for funding; Layla bristles over Farid's behavior; Haley has a birthday party.

Sosie Bacon Wants You to Stick With Kristen

The actor behind the impassioned Kristen Bayer-Boatwright talks about growing up in the age of social media, teenage insecurity and standing up for yourself.

Inside the Scene

Creator Alan Ball discusses the chip on Dr. Shokrani's shoulder.

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Haley has a birthday party.

Where Do You Exist? Episode 4
This Path Chose Us

In front of a live audience in Los Angeles, California, comedy writer and director, Priyanka Mattoo narrates her story of finding the love of her life; Writer and the creator of Yo, Is This Racist? Andrew Ti describes his experience trying to be a cool, teenage boy; and Yoga teacher and founder of Rock Your Bliss, Mary Beth LaRue shares her journey of adopting a baby.

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