Here and Now Season 1 Episode 3Here and Now Season 1 Episode 3

S1 Ep 3: If A Deer Sh*ts In the Woods

If A Deer Sh*ts In the Woods

Greg gets detoured on the way to an ethics convention; Audrey is thrust in the media spotlight.

Marwan Salama’s Navid Doesn’t Need Validation

The young actor discusses gender fluidity, religion and playing a type rarely seen on television.

s1 episode 3 inside the scene
Inside the Scene

Creator Alan Ball discusses Audrey's handling of a high school hate crime.

Get Caught Up
Watch a Recap

Duc meets with a publishing house, and Audrey deals with an incident at Kristen's high school.

Where Do You Exist? Episode 3
I Can’t Make This Up

Three Angelenos share their personal stories with a live audience in Los Angeles. Actor and filmmaker Samantha Futerman takes us through her experience meeting her twin sister; Actor and producer Julissa Calderon describes her journey of embracing her Afro-Latina identity, and critic Ira Madison III shares his coming out story.

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