It's Here
Here and Now | Season 1 | Episode 10

It's Here

TV-MA | 1 HR 3 MIN

Written by Alan Ball

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

Flashing to memories of his mother, Farid tearfully acknowledges he could have killed Navid. He runs to the basement, and remembers his mother handing him a self-flagellation whip. She paraded him to the square where men, covered in blood, were whipping themselves. When Farid stopped hitting himself, his mother took over beating him. Amir rescued Farid, and offered to get them out of Iran; When he took Farid away, his mother stayed behind, her hand clawing into her face.

As Malcolm and Ashley rush the injured Haley to the ER, Ramon is indignant in the car with Greg and Duc, claiming he saved Haley, he didn't hurt her. Spotting a man on fire, he runs out of the car. Greg and Duc chase after him but cannot keep up. With Ramon gone, Duc confronts Greg about the Asian prostitute, then seeks comfort from Carmen, who holds him as he cries.

At home, Haley tells Ashley she remembers a fire and that she smelled smoke: "Tio Ramon saved me." Playing with Haley, Malcolm and Ashley and discuss Ashley's offer; Malcolm offers to become a full-time caregiver for their daughter.

Navid and Kristen escape their families to have sex in the car. Unable to continue, Navid tells Kristen, "It's not working," and admits it isn't who he is. Kristen calls him a cliche and drives off.

Shaken by Layla's admission that she and Navid are afraid of what's happening to him, Farid pulls a self-flagellation whip from beneath the basement floorboard and begins to use it. Layla catches him and announces she and Navid are leaving. Navid tearfully pleads with his father to get help.

Having told Audrey Duc knows about the affair, Greg sits down to write the foreword to Duc's book. He receives a call from Ike, Audrey's brother.

Safe at home, Ramon searches for the burning man in his game. He falls asleep and wakes to a call from Audrey. When he hangs up, he sees the man, blazing on his screen. The code starts writing itself and tells him to meet him "on the mountain." Ramon bikes off, but a homeless man steals his bike. Recognizing the man from Kristen's video, Ramon asks if he knows Henry Bergen. The man responds that he is Henry.

Audrey appears on Wake Up Portland with Steven and fields an uncomfortable question about child labor. She challenges Steven's media-coached response on air, then leaves him.

Ashley meets with Sharon to accept the offer. Sharon reveals she's thrilled about the hire because she "gets to check off two boxes"; she tells Ashley she's allowed to say this because she's a "double-boxer herself." Questioning her decision to accept the offer after meeting the primarily white leadership of Cloth, Ashley calls Malcolm for support.

Ike tells Greg he dropped Ramon as a baby because he was on fire and that he's on fire again. He reveals he's on a different medication that makes him aware the things he's seeing aren't actually there, but he can still tell when things are wrong.

Navid says a tearful goodbye to Kristen; his mother is leaving his father and they're moving to San Francisco. Meanwhile, Farid seeks forgiveness and first aid from Imam Chuck, who comforts him.

Without a bike, Ramon walks toward Mount Hood. The clock strikes 11:11 and Mount Hood erupts. Covered in dust, Ramon continues to follow the man on fire, who leads him toward the mountain.