Check out some of the Q&As with the cast. Spoilers follow.

Episode 2

The actor shares why he didn't want to know where the scripts were headed, and the downside to kissing actor Andy Bean.

Episode 3

The young actor discusses gender fluidity, religion and playing a type rarely seen on television.

Episode 4

The actor behind the impassioned Kristen talks about growing up in the age of social media, teenage insecurity and standing up for yourself.

Episode 5

The actor behind the motivational architect opens up about his character's painful background, and the difficulties upholding his perfect veneer.

Epsiode 6

The actor behind the do-it-all"mompreneur" discusses her character's commitment to perfection and complex familial relationships.

Episode 10

The actor behind the multifaceted psychiatrist discusses his character's relationship to religion, trauma and family.

Series Premiere. A multiracial family shows some of its cracks as the father's 60th birthday party approaches.
Ramon and Shokrani explore a psychic connection; Kristen and Ashley run afoul of the law.
Greg gets detoured on the way to an ethics convention; Audrey is thrust in the media spotlight.
Greg and Audrey look for funding; Layla bristles over Farid's behavior; Haley has a birthday party.
Ramon is rocked by a disturbing revelation; Audrey makes a pitch to Steven Benjamin, a wealthy friend.
Ramon makes waves at a gaming expo; Duc's frustrations rise to the surface; Farid crosses a line.
Audrey turns the tables on Greg; Ramon and Duc look to Carmen for enlightenment; Kristen plots revenge.
Greg and Audrey uncover unpleasant truths about Ramon's adoption; Kristen and Navid grow closer.
Season One Finale. Ramon goes missing; Farid is driven to extremes; a cataclysmic event shakes the family.