Love Big Little Lies? Sharp Objects Is for You

By Ariana Bacle

Discover why this dark limited series starring Amy Adams will be your next TV obsession.


Director Jean-Marc Vallée isn’t the only thing Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects have in common. Here’s why the limited series is what you should watch while you wait for Big Little Lies to return.

Ladies who lead

Big Little Lies was lauded for its standout cast, and Sharp Objects follows suit, featuring Patricia Clarkson as Adora, the overbearing mother of estranged daughter Camille (Amy Adams) and Amma (newcomer Eliza Scanlen), a teenager living a double life. The show marks Clarkson’s return to HBO following her Emmy-winning guest turn in Six Feet Under and Adams’ first major TV appearance since The Office. Fans are already buzzing in anticipation.

Storytelling with an edge

Like Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects has gruesome beginnings — the murder of one girl and the disappearance of another are the events that drive journalist Camille to return home. Sharp Objects is also a story with bite. Just think of Renata whispering “Do not f**k with my daughter’s birthday” or Madeline’s witty one-liners for a taste of what’s to come. Those who most miss Monterey will find quotable moments in Camille’s sarcastic retorts, and the snarky gossip of Jackie (Elizabeth Perkins).

Mood music for your drive

Director Vallée uses music to propel the story, not simply as acoustic background. Big Little Lies’ addictive soundtrack includes picks like Leon Bridges’ soulful “River” and Martha Wainwright’s defiant “Bloody Mother F**king A**hole.” Sharp Objects has its own impressive mix to set the spooky tone, with a focus on emotive classic rock, pretty folk, and eerie electronica. Get ready to add some new songs to your daily rotation — or, à la Camille, your old iPod.

Locations with personality

While not quite Monterey, Wind Gap, the setting of Sharp Objects, is glossy in its own way. The fabulous beachfront properties and chic coffee shop have been swapped for a grandiose Victorian mansion and small-town dive bar — but don’t let its picture-perfect politeness fool you.

Start From the Beginning

When reporter Camille Preaker returns to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri to investigate a grisly string of unsolved murders, old scars reveal themselves. Watch the first episode without an HBO subscription.