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Watch HBO With Your Friends Using Scener Chrome Extension

Say goodbye to trying — and failing — to start watching the latest episode of Insecure on HBO NOW or HBO GO at the exact same time as your favorite group chat. With Google Chrome extension Scener, now you can sync whatever show or movie you want with your watching buddies, and then video- and text-chat along the whole time. Read on to find out how.

What You Need

A Mac, Windows or Chromebook computer with the latest version of the Google Chrome browser, plus valid user credentials for either HBO NOW or HBO GO. Got that? Download the Scener Chrome extension here

How to Use Scener

If you’re playing host, first make sure you're logged into either HBO NOW or HBO NOW. Then open the Scener extension and choose Create Private Theater. Next, click HBO and choose HBO NOW or HBO GO depending on which platform you are signed into. The service will open in a separate window and you can navigate to whatever you want to watch. At any point, invite friends to your theater by sending them the six-character code provided.

Once everyone’s in, press play on the chosen show or movie. The extension will alert the other theatergoers to also press play. As soon as everyone’s done that, Scener will automatically sync everyone together. From there, the host can pass the remote control to anyone else to let them take the reins. 

If you’re joining a theater, make sure you're signed into either HBO NOW or HBO GO and then use the code your host sent you to open the Scener extension and join their private theater. A window will pop up with the chosen streaming platform and will automatically navigate to the host’s chosen show or movie. Once the host presses play, the tool will notify you to also press play. Then, Scener will automatically sync what everyone’s watching. The host can pass the remote to you at any point to let you take control. 

If you'd like to watch the show or movie in fullscreen, make your video fullscreen within HBO NOW or HBO GO as you normally would and then hit the Control and up keys on your keyboard. Drag the Scener chat window to the HBO NOW or HBO GO window, where a plus sign should appear, therefore combining the two windows. To return to the default screen size, hit Escape on your keyboard.

For more information about Scener, head to their website and check out their FAQs section. For help choosing a movie or show to watch with your friends, see what’s new on HBO this month.

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