How to Become Your Favorite HBO-Inspired Character



These talented makeup artists and cosplayers take Halloween costumes — and fandom — to a new level. Watch the makeup tutorials and learn how to create the looks yourself.

The Night Queen Transformation
Artist: Marie Chanté

Marie Chanté is a big Game of Thrones fan. “It stuns me that I’ve waited until now to cosplay from that show,” she says. The five-year cosplay veteran said Daenerys’s strong Season 7 looks inspired her. But Chanté didn’t want to just be Daenerys. “I wanted to make her into a white walker — the thing no one wants to see happen.”

Chanté studied episodes of Season 7 to see how she could translate the looks to her body. She debuted the Night Queen costume at New York Comic Con, where fans took note of her attention to detail. (Think: blue eyeballs on her dragon chain.) “The feedback from people is amazing — that’s what makes it worth it,” she says. And Chanté hasn’t exhausted her Thrones ideas yet: A Jon Snow/Daenerys mashup is next on her list.

Total Time: 2 Hours

The Essentials:

  • White wig, preferably lace front for braiding

  • White face paint

  • Black, gray and blue eye shadow to get all that dimension and shading

Pro Tips:

  • If you go all in and make a prosthetic piece, keep the edges as thin as possible so they blend easily. Important reminder from Chanté: “She’s dead so it doesn’t have to be perfect.”

  • Have superglue on hand to touch up costume props.

The Armistice Transformation
Artist: Tori Smith

For Tori Smith cosplay is not just putting on a costume, but becoming the character. She’s drawn to cosplaying strong women, so Westworld’s snake-tattooed gunslinger Armistice was a natural pick. “She’s pretty badass and I was drawn to how well she was able to hold her own in the fake Wild West,” Smith says.

Smith keeps a running list of dream costumes and chooses one about a month before a convention, giving herself ample time to work out the details. For this costume, Smith found vintage buttons and a real gun holster to make it as screen-accurate as possible. But not surprisingly, she says, people are drawn to the most time-consuming element of her costume — the hand-painted tattoo on her face.

Total Time: 45 minutes

The Essentials:

  • Tinted moisturizer

  • Black and red face paint

  • Matte brown eyeshadow for the dirt features

Pro Tips:

  • Go a day or two without washing your hair to achieve the ideal texture.

  • For on-the-go tattoo touch-ups, use liquid black eyeliner and red lipstick.

The Larry David Transformation
Artists: Jenny Sauceda and Sarah Shun

Makeup artists Jenny Sauceda and Sarah Shun have worked together for 13 years. As fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the pair jumped at the chance to turn HBO Digital & Social Media’s Carly Beltramo into Larry David. (Though a surprise guest could have made the experience better: “We were hoping Larry David would walk in and say the work was pretty, pretty, pretty, good,” says Sauceda.)

Sauceda focused on applying the bald cap and crepe hair while Shun worked on changing Beltramo’s facial features to look more Larry-esque. Their goal was to transform her without going over-the-top realistic. “There’s a fine line between getting it perfect and going too far,” says Sauceda. “As makeup artists, we live our lives balancing the two.” Shun adds, “Carly is a beautiful girl and doesn’t look like him, so it was a fun challenge to give her the Larry David sculpt.”

Total Time: 3.5 Hours

The Essentials:

  • Warm-tone concealer

  • Cool-tone eye shadows in three shades (light, medium, dark) to sculpt the cheeks

  • Alcohol-free hair gel

Pro Tips:

  • Prep! The artists examined photos of their subjects in advance to map out a makeup plan.

  • Once gelled, get hair as dry as possible before adhering the bald cap.