Dern Day

HBO celebrated the career and general greatness of actress Laura Dern by proclaiming June 22, 2018 #DernDay—the new Internet holiday we always knew we needed. The holiday kicked off with videos introducing Dern Day to outline its traditions using Dern’s most memorable roles, including Big Little Lies, Enlightened, and Recount.

Thousands of fans took to Twitter and Instagram to share their love for Dern Day. Celebrities were “feeling the Dern” too, with Dern Day posts from Reese Witherspoon, Evan Rachel Wood, and Common. And Dern Day became a Twitter Moment, highlighting a snapshot of the conversation that generated millions of impressions for the new holiday.

All in all, Dern Day was a huge hit and the exact thing the Internet needed. Because who doesn’t love Laura Dern? Apparently no one.