All Things ?Laird? With Jon Glaser

  • In ?What Will We Do About Adam This Time?? both Adam and Laird offer to help Hannah raise her baby. Do you think Laird and Hannah would make a good couple?

  • My first answer is no. There?s no way that?s a good couple. He probably always had a crush Hannah, a secret yearning for her. Here?s an opportunity that presents itself and he just jumps on it. Poor Laird.

  • Girls walks the line between comedy and drama. Where does Laird fall on that spectrum?

  • You just start with the name Laird. That helped define things. I?ve always felt like he?s a character that goes straight down the middle. For myself, that was something I liked and was excited about when I got the role. Laird was a chance to play things a little more straight, a little more grounded. Even though he?s still being played for comedy a lot of times, there are some emotional moments.

  • Where do you see Laird and Sample 10 years from now?

  • My joke that I always kept pitching was I wanted Laird to clean up his act and get a job working at Forever 21. It?s certainly fun to think about. I think he?d have to shed the hat, trim the beard, maybe even shave. That would be such a shockingly funny moment. Or, just a polo tucked into some khakis, working at a Home Depot, like, ?Yeah, they had a spot open and I took it. I did some craft stuff in school?? It would be nice to think of him having some sort of really nice relationship in the future.

  • What do you think makes Girls a special series?

  • It?s a specific yet wide demographic: young women, straight out of college, trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. That certainly speaks to everyone as far as life, work, and questions of who wants what. It?s a very specific time in everyone?s life, where you?re launching yourself into adulthood and responsibility. And there?s all the people you meet along the way. There are so many good characters, which is another one of Girls? strengths. Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner and all the writers created all these really, really good characters, which is also why I think the series is so fun to watch. Laird was a good one.