Aidy Bryant Likes Abigail's Epilogue

The Saturday Night Live comedian explains what makes her character the "next level" Shoshana.

  • What sets the Girls brand of comedy apart from other projects you?ve been involved in?

  • Definitely its ability to weave in and out of comedic moments and then seamlessly right into more heartfelt ones. It really does touch on a feeling that so many people feel post-college. Not a girl, not quite a woman, and trying to get from one to the other. The show is really honest and true and that resonates.

  • What?s the best part about playing Abigail?

  • It's really fun to play someone with no filter, but who is also really good at what she does. She's both unapologetically corny and loving, and I think that's a nice combo.

  • Jenni Konner said while filming Season 6's ?Inside the Episode? videos, ?Abigail is Shosh with only the kindest part of her personality.?�Do you agree?

  • I think that?s true. We talked a lot about Abigail being the ?next level? Shosh. She's stopped worrying too much about herself and she's just energetically buzzing through life with an open mind.

  • In her eyes, what is Abigail?s relationship to Shoshanna?

  • She sees Shoshanna as a younger version of herself. She wants to think of herself as a mentor to her, but she's not always in control of her actions and that can get her in to trouble. Sure, she fired Shoshanna but she really wants to maintain a connection.

  • If you could have had your storyline intersect with any of the other characters, who would it be?

  • Has to be Hannah. I think they would hit it off big time. They are both well meaning but misguided. I could definitely see them wanting to start a little advice business together.

  • Do you have a favorite moment from the series?

  • Shooting in Japan was one of the best working experiences of my entire life. The scene where Zosia [Mamet, who plays Shoshanna] and I are walking down Takeshita Street is something I will always remember. The energy on the street was so electric, and there were barely any extras -- we just weaved in and out of real people while we shot our dialogue. The crowds were so large and colorful, it just made the scene feel so real. And the crew was amazing the way they were able to coordinate that, and make the camera just disappear in the crowd.

  • What was the experience filming the Brooklyn interviews in Season 6?

  • They felt real -- there wasn't a ton of scripted dialogue so we improvised a lot, and the writers and director would throw questions for us to ask. A lot of the people were answering honestly. It was really fun to hear about all the different neighborhoods where people had lived and how things had changed.

  • How did you feel about the ?ending? for your character?

  • I thought it was really sweet and hopeful. And I think it's especially touching Ray ends up with someone who is kind and appreciates him. They are both spontaneous but have a maturity their peers maybe haven't tapped in to. I also think they challenge each other in an exciting way.

  • What was it like filming on the carousel?

  • It was really amazing. The lights were glowing and the bridges were all lit up, with the city shining in the background. It was a picturesque and sweet scene to have as my last one ever.