Becky Ann Baker Is the ?Grownup? of Girls

  • Where do we find Loreen specifically in the Season 6 episode ?Gummies??

  • She is so desperately trying to come to terms with what her future is. She never had a plan for anything remotely like this. She?s really trying to reshape a future for herself, by herself. That ?alone factor? is staggering. Loreen becomes unglued to a certain extent in ?Gummies? and is trying to find answers.

  • By Season 6, would you say Hannah is closer to Loreen than she is to her father, Tad?

  • I think Hannah is close to her parents in two entirely different ways. The things Hannah draws from her relationship with Loreen are completely different from what she gets from Tad. Loreen has come a long way in being a better mother than she was in the first season. She?s come a long way in being a better human being.

  • What do you mean exactly by ?better human being??

  • I think any time we?re challenged in life and we actually have to think outside a comfortable place for ourselves, that promotes growth. If anything, in the pilot episode, Loreen is thinking very selfishly. She?s thinking of what she wants and how to get Hannah to move forward in order to get these things.

  • How would you characterize Loreen?s evolution over the course of six seasons?

  • I look back, and she wanted tenure, she wanted to retire at a certain age. She had a path that she thought her life should take. As things fall out, she got one of the biggest surprises of the entire series, which completely derails her. But also, by the end, I feel like she probably took one of the bigger journeys and had to reinvent her life. What a gift that was.

  • When you were filming the pilot, did you have a sense Girls was going to be a special project?

  • I think there were lots of clues that it was going to be really remarkable. One clue was Judd [Apatow] and the second was working with Lena [Dunham] to cast Tad. After I was cast, Judd and Lena asked me to work with some of the men who were up for the role of Tad. So I went into the casting session, and that was the first time I ever met Lena. We got to spend that afternoon together and forged the beginning of this wonderful relationship by looking for a husband for Loreen.

  • What did you find most rewarding about playing Loreen?

  • To walk away with the relationship I have with Lena. I can?t tell you what respect I have for her and what an absolute honor it?s been to work on material that was brilliantly created by her and the writers. Lena is an astonishing actress, writer and producer. To be completely honest, it?s the most remarkable job of my career. It was such an honor to fall into that.