Check out these Season 6 interviews with the cast.

Season 6 Episode 2

After his character's crazy, final appearance, the actor sounds off on Desi's relationship with Marni and their chaotic end.

Season 6 Episode 5

The series' skeptic examines Ray's sensitive side, and what brought his relationship to an end.

Season 6 Episode 6

The actor reflects on the emotional moments and pivotal scenes that made his Emmy-winning role.

Season 6 Episode 7

The Broadway star shares what helped Elijah "get his s**t together" and the real-life theater "nightmare" that inspired his hilarious audition sequence.

Season 6 Episode 8

The comedian reveals the ending he pitched for Laird and Sample.

Season 6 Episode 10

The writers and producers reflect on character development and reveal how the series finale came to be.

Season 6 Episode 1

Series Premiere. Struggling writer Hannah gets cut off financially; free-spirited friend Jessa returns to NYC and moves in with her unsuspecting cousin Shoshanna; Type-A roommate Marnie hosts a welcome-back dinner.

Season 6 Episode 2

Hannah worries about the efficacy of condoms; Marnie plans a day for the girls at a women's health clinic.

Season 6 Episode 3

Hannah tracks down her former college flame; a cocky artist piques Marnie's interest; Jessa baby-sits.

Season 6 Episode 4

Hannah takes up 'sexting'; Shoshanna runs into a boy from summer camp; Jessa gets distracted on the job; Ray and Charlie snoop.

Season 6 Episode 5

Hannah is confused by her boss's mixed signals, as well as Adam's; Marnie and Charlie assess their relationship; Jessa is determined to reconquer an ex.

Season 6 Episode 6

Hannah gets an idea as to what her life might be like if she'd stuck around her hometown in Michigan.

Season 6 Episode 7

The girls face surprising revelations and a few inquiries at a wild party in Bushwick.
Hannah and Adam grow closer; Jessa and Marnie come together in Hannah's absence in some unexpected ways.

Season 6 Episode 9

Hannah decides to take some chances after colliding with Marnie over rent money and seeing a former classmate get published.

Season 6 Episode 10

Season One finale. Jessa throws a mystery party where the girls realize their dreams are not what they imagined.
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