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Jake Lacy Traces the 'Downfall' of Fran

The actor explains how he found joy in the "complete meltdown" of Fran and Hannah's relationship.

  • What is your take on Fran? He?s repeatedly deemed the ?good guy? or the ?most normal? of Hannah?s boyfriends.

  • I think the downfall of Fran is that he?s also pretty sure he?s a good guy, and that borders on self-righteousness. He feels like his sense of the right thing and the wrong thing must be a universal sense. Matched with someone like Hannah, that can be contentious, because she doesn?t have your typical sense of right or wrong, which I think is the reason Fran is into her in the first place.

  • Do you think Hannah ?brings out the crazy? in Fran?

  • I think there?s two parts there. It?s like when you talk to somebody whose impression of all their exes is ?they were crazy.? You?re like, ?Well, it takes two to tango, man. The one thing all those relationships have in common is you, so maybe you want to look at that.? I think Fran is in that position. Hannah can be a nightmare and she can be frustrating, but Fran continues to stick around.� No matter who he was dating, Fran would probably find a way to have this� ?I?m right, you?re wrong? dynamic. There?s a certain amount of power and validation that comes with it.

  • What did you make of Fran?s desire to masturbate to pictures of his exes?

  • When I read that, I was like, ?Wait. He does what?? The guy is against watching standard porn, but it?s questionable how real his stance is. I think he?s convinced himself he is doing the just thing, but really, it?s just about his wanting to look at his ex-girlfriends while he jerks off.

  • What do you think are some of the positives in Fran?s relationship with Hannah?

  • These are all things that we don?t necessarily see in the show, but in my mind the reason they?re still together is that she?s funny, she?s intelligent, she?s creative and they?ve built this little world together. At this point they?ve been together for quite a while so, whether it?s right or not, it?s certainly comfortable and easy to be with the other person.

  • What was it like filming the breakup scene at the rest stop?

  • We did so many takes of that. We had a whole rundown about all the stuff that they had planned to do on the trip, and Fran?s just screaming� about all these things he?s still going to go do by himself. He?s like, ?Remember those fucking pies that we were going to go get? I?m still going to go! I?m going to eat them. I?m going to get two and I?m going to have one frozen and sent back, so that when I get home I can still eat another one in your fucking face!? Just losing his mind about going to the Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh, and eating Kansas City barbecue. That?s the part that is mind-bending about this guy: Yeah, he?s being done wrong here, someone is really screwing him over big time, but then he gets so petty about it. He gets so fucking small and juvenile about it that you?re like, ?Well, I can?t side with you on this. You?re acting like a child, man!?

  • Did you do any improv for the fight scenes with Lena?

  • Murray Miller wrote the fight in ?Homeward Bound,? and he was the one who was like, ?This time, just start yelling about all the different places that you?re going to go and then all the great things that you?re still going to go do.? Then we?d do it again, and he?d be like, ?Yeah, lose the pie stuff, but the keep the Primanti Brothers. And then maybe talk about how you?re going to pick up somebody else and bring them, and that you?re going to send photos back just to prove that you went.? He would keep coming up with ideas, and so the improv is me riffing on that in the moment. But it?s not a free-for-all. You know, these writers have spent so much time and are all so incredibly creative and talented that the scripts,� right from the beginning, are pretty close to what you end up seeing on screen.

  • What was the highlight for you this season?

  • Seeing these two characters continuing down the road of complete meltdown together was a real joy. In the saddest, loneliest way of just, ?Oh my god, you?re actually kind of perfect for each other.? They both sink to each other?s level every time.