Check out these Season 4 interviews with the cast.


Season 4 Episode 3

Hannah's Time in Iowa is Based off the Writer's Experience

Show writer Sarah Heyward shares the facts and fiction behind "Female Author."


Season 4 Episode 7

Gillian Jacobs Says Mimi-Rose Keeps Adam on His Toes

The Community star untangles the Adam, Ace and Mimi-Rose love triangle.


Season 4 Episode 9

Peter Scolari Reveals the Real-Life Inspiration Behind His Character's Backstory

The actor behind Tad Horvath discusses keeping his big reveal a secret.


Season 4 Episode 10

Jake Lacy Thinks Fran Is a 'Bit of an Outsider'

The actor shares his experience playing a character "attracted to chaos."

Season 4 Episode 1

Season Four Premiere. Hannah readies for Iowa; Marnie performs with Desi at a jazz brunch; Shoshanna gets her diploma; Jessa faces off with Beedie's daughter.

Season 4 Episode 2

Hannah arrives in Iowa and, at her first writers' workshop, finds her piece triggers unexpected reactions.

Season 4 Episode 3

Hannah critiques her colleagues; Ray gives Marnie a wake-up call; Adam gets drawn into Jessa's web.

Season 4 Episode 4

Hannah's apology to her classmates backfires; Shoshanna and Ray connect while running errands; tensions rise between Marnie and Desi.

Season 4 Episode 5

Friends try to help Hannah through a crisis; Hannah and Adam have an honest conversation about the status of their relationship.

Season 4 Episode 6

Hannah has an epiphany; Ray addresses his community board; Marnie and Desi disagree about their sound; Adam is shocked by a revelation.

Season 4 Episode 7

Hannah connects with a new coworker; Shoshanna helps Ray with his community board campaign.
Hannah takes a new friend on an excursion; Marnie and Desi fight about money; Tad and Loreen share a tense dinner with their friends.

Season 4 Episode 9

Hannah faces a family dilemma; Jessa and Ace surprise Mimi-Rose and Adam; Ray hosts a campaign party.

Season 4 Episode 10

Season Four Finale. Hannah, Adam and Jessa intervene in Caroline and Laird's birth plan; Shoshanna ponders a job offer.
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