Fight the Dead From Game of Thrones in Virtual and Mixed Reality

Ready to step into Westeros like never before? Two immersive experiences await.


HBO is inviting GoT fans to join in the fight for the living themselves. Take on the Army of the Dead from your own home in two uniquely innovative experiences.

The Dead Must Die: A Magic Leap Encounter challenges fans to confront a White Walker. Put on the headset and watch your space instantly transform into an ominous, icy scene that begs investigation. Users sense danger as a frozen portal reveals the deadly world beyond the Wall — and a White Walker. The user grabs a dragonglass dagger and must defeat the White Walker as it charges toward them.

Beyond the Wall: A Game of Thrones Virtual Reality Experience allows fans to step into the boots of a Night’s Watch ranger heading north. The HTC Vive experience stays true to the show; the threats beyond the Wall are terrifying and surprising. Download the experience here.

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