Three Couples Receive Iron Anniversary Gifts to Remember

When you hear the words “Game of Thrones” and “wedding” together it often sparks feelings of anxiety, dread, or even a little bit of vindictive glee (sorry, Joffrey) but the 10th Anniversary celebration of the series set out to change that narrative for three lucky couples.

Thrones-fans Michael Hayes and Kacie Stoll, married in 2018, David Pieko and Erin Columbo, married in 2017, and Clarissa and Kevin Lawson, married in 2019, all held GoT-inspired weddings, complete with items such as custom-made Iron Thrones, dragon eggs, to themed-attire. To celebrate their nuptials and their fandom, HBO sent each couple a unique Game of Thrones anniversary gift. Each gift consisted of a custom cake, a barrel of wine, and message via scroll.

The Cakes

Three cakes to highlight three noble Houses. Michael and Kacie received a House Targaryen cake from Sugar Fashion Cakes, David and Erin a House Stark cake from The Home Bakery, and Clarissa and Kevin a House Lannister cake from A Cake Come True.

Each arrived with a House-themed cake topper, the perfect keepsake to use for future anniversary celebrations.

The Scrolls and Wine

For taking their oath in front of the “Old Gods and New” the couples’ received a special note themed to their respective House, and a barrel of “Dornish” wine accompanied by two chalices to toast. The reusable barrels feature a removable piece stamped with the Iron Throne.

Check out the videos of the gift reveals below.

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