We celebrated 10 years of Game of Thrones with the Iron Anniversary. Discover new interviews and extras below.

Game of Throne - the Realm has spoken


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A decade of thrones


Members of the cast and crew look back on their time on Thrones, from the first day on set to the last. Check out these extended versions of “The Cast Remembers” interview series.

Game of Thrones - peter-tyrion
Game of Thrones - Emilia Clarke
Game of Thrones - Sophia Sansa
Game of Thrones - Maisie Williams | Arya Stark
Game of Thrones - Kit Harrington | Jon Snow
Game of Thrones - Lena Headey | Cersei Lannister
Game of Thrones -  Liam Cunningham | Davos Seaworth
Game of Thrones - Iain Glen | Jorah Mormont
Game Of Thrones - Rory McCann | Sandor "The Hound" Clegane
Game of Thrones - Isaac Hempstead Wright | Bran Stark
Game of Thrones - Evolution of the Dragons
Game of Thrones - From the Crew
Game Of Thrones - From the Director


Miguel Sapochnik offers insights on the creation of these incredible battle episodes.

Games of Thrones - Hardhome
Game Of Thrones - Battle of the Bastards
Game of Thrones - The Long Night
Game of Thrones - The Games We Play


The Thrones cast had some truly surprising answers.

Game of Thrones - The Map of Westeros
Game of Thrones - Would You Rather?
Game of Thrones - Dragon, Hand, Wall

Three Couples Receive Iron Anniversary Gifts to Remember

To celebrate their nuptials and allegiance to the series, HBO sent three couples a unique Game of Thrones anniversary gift.

Game of Thrones - Cake

House of the Dragon

The reign of House Targaryen begins. House of the Dragon, the prequel to Game of Thrones, is coming to HBO and HBO Max.

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