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Interview With Tom Wlaschiha

  • After Jaqen's departure in Season 2, did you know that you'd be coming back?

  • No. I had some hope, but it was tricky. The character's not in the books anymore, so far, at least. I was hoping to be back, but normally what you hope for on Game of Thrones doesn't happen.

  • Did Jaqen expect Arya to show up?

  • When he gave Arya the coin, it was definitely an invitation to come to Braavos and train to become a Faceless Man, but he didn't know that she was actually going to find him.

  • Did he see her as a potential acolyte at Harrenhal?

  • It seems like there's some bigger plan behind it. We still don't know why Jaqen showed up in the first place. It always seemed kind of strange to me that he, with his abilities, would be a prisoner in the black cells in King's Landing. We still don't know what his secret agenda is – or if there is a secret agenda.

  • Why do you think he initially turned Arya away?

  • He maybe wants to test her – to see if she's really serious about it. I love the scene where she sits outside in the rain all night repeating the names over and over again. She's so determined.

  • How would you describe the relationship between Jaqen and Arya?

  • It was certainly some sort of teacher-student relationship in Season 2. There was almost a friendship vibe when we left them, even though she named him as the third name and took it back.

  • Is the dynamic different now?

  • I think the great part about Maisie [Williams] playing Arya is that she basically grows up with her part and vice versa. Years ago, she was still a girl and Arya was all impulsive. Now she's become much more aware of what she wants and her abilities – she's more determined and more conscious of her choices.

    Arya's whole relationship with Jaqen also changes because he wants to teach her, but he's not going to make it easy for her. He never tells her exactly what he wants from her; he gives her hints. He wants her to think for herself and to find her own path.

  • Any guess as to what Jaqen's been doing this whole time?

  • The House of Black and White is an enterprise in a way… I'd imagine he's been busy. Lots of killings.

  • In your wildest dreams, which character would you want to have a scene with?

  • I would like to have a scene with Melisandre. That'd be a really interesting pair: the two people with supernatural abilities. One character I really liked was Joffrey, but that's not going to happen, unless I decide to take on his face… but we don't want to give the producers any ideas.

  • Ideal pet: Dragon, direwolf or Ser Pounce?

  • I think I'd choose the direwolf. What can you do with a dragon? You can't really walk the dragon on the street, as we have seen.

  • Who would you want to see on the Iron Throne?

  • Well, Arya, of course, for selfish reasons.

  • You're invited to a GOT wedding. Do you go?

  • Of course I go. What could happen to me? Whatever happens is probably Jaqen's fault.