For the Throne

It Was All for One Thing

By Marissa Blanchard

Cersei Lannister warned us the stakes would be high. Look back at how far your favorite characters have gone to stay in the game.


Back in Season 1, Cersei Lannister warned Ned Stark (and viewers) early on that, “in the game of thrones you win or you die — there is no middle ground.” Before Season 8 begins, relive the deaths, betrayals and extreme lengths characters are willing to go to for the throne, and share your own favorite moments using #ForTheThrone.

The Golden Crown | Season 1 Episode 6
Not a Queen, a Khaleesi

Daenerys Targaryen proved herself a true khaleesi when she participated in a sacred Dothraki ritual, and her jealous brother Viserys realized the hoarde would never give him the crown — or at least the one he desired.

Baelor | Season 1 Episode 9
Bring Me His Head

Arya Stark later says loyalty killed her father, and she’s right in more ways than one. Here’s why Joffrey Baratheon, Cersei and Ilyn Payne are on Arya’s kill list.

The Rains of Castamere | Season 3 Episode 9
The Lannisters Send Their Regards

Penultimate episodes of GoT seasons always keep fans on their toes. Robb Stark broke a vow and it cost him his life and the War of the Five Kings. The heart-wrenching moment is often referred to as the Red Wedding (for obvious reasons).

The Lion and the Rose | Season 4 Episode 2
Pour My Wine

At a wedding in Westeros, even a king’s safety isn’t guaranteed, and Joffrey’s command to have Tyrion serve as his cupbearer left him choking on his words.

The Children | Season 4 Episode 10
No Justice Here

Tyrion escaped a death sentence with the help of his brother, but took an unplanned detour to the Tower of the Hand. There, he discovered an act of hypocrisy he could not overlook, and made a decision that would change the Lannister family forever.

Hardhome | Season 5 Episode 8
The Army of the Dead

Jon Snow spent time with wildlings beyond the Wall, but nothing could have prepared him for the Night King. The massacre at Hardhome proved the the Army of the Dead was not only real, it was an immediate threat to the Seven Kingdoms.

Home | Season 6 Episode 2
My Watch Has Ended

In the Westeros, sometimes doing the right thing can get you killed. After a year of debating, theorizing, and knowing nothing, we learned that the Lord of Light has bigger plans for Jon.

The Door | Season 6 Episode 5
Hold the Door

Fans had to say goodbye to the gentle giant of Game of Thrones, but learned more about Hodor before he sacrificed himself helping Bran fulfill his destiny to become the Three-Eyed Raven.

Battle of the Bastards | Season 6 Episode 9
Come and See

Jon’s previous successes didn’t make him invulnerable: Ramsay still managed to hit him where it hurts: his family. The breathtaking battle put viewers through the emotional ringer, right up until an unlikely hero saved the day.

Dragonstone | Season 7 Episode 1
The North Remembers

The way Arya crossed Walder Frey off her list put the “cold” in cold open. Her first act after leaving the Faceless Men proved she was over being “no one.”

The Dragon And The Wolf | Season 7 Episode 7
Winter Is Here

The Night King has the weapon he needs to finally get his army through the Wall: an ice dragon. Winter isn’t coming, it’s here.

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