Binge #ForTheThrone

HBO + Twitter

Before the final season of Game of Thrones, HBO invited both fans to rewatch past seasons, and fence-sitters to begin. As approaching seven seasons is intimidating, HBO teamed up with Twitter to leverage celebrity GoT fans to broadcast their own binge #ForTheThrone. HBO brought the Iron Throne to Jimmy Kimmel, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, rapper T-Pain and Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth for an epic binge. Each celebrity filmed a series of videos on the iconic Throne, discussing their favorite moments and teasing what awaited new fans. The talent profiles earned 10.3 million impressions and the video content earned 25.8 million views. In four days @GameOfThrones was mentioned over 144 thousand times. Leveraging celebrities with different fan bases allowed GoT to become part of the cultural conversation among diverse audiences, diving fans both old and new to rewatch and celebrate the series.

Talent Tweets

  • 10.3M+ Impressions

  • 241K Engagements



@HBO + @GameOfThrones

41M+ Impressions

25.8M Video Views

1.2M Engagements


Over 144K @GameOfThrones mentions in just four days.