Washington, D.C.

Written by Mark Monroe and Dave Grohl
Directed by Dave Grohl

A transient town where few are born and raised, Washington, D.C. is -- in many ways -- a city of extremes. Starland Vocal Band, Marvin Gaye, Duke Ellington, Nils Lofgren, Chuck Brown, Henry Rollins, Fugazi, and Trouble Funk all hail from D.C. In the early '70s, the distinct musical style, Go-Go, was born and has remained a local craze ever since. Dave Grohl sits down with Trouble Funk?s Big Tony Fisher to talk about Go-Go, and explores its origins with Chuck Brown, the genre's undisputed godfather. Dave also chats with Don Zientara, owner of Inner Ear Studio, which the Virginia-raised Grohl says "produced the entire soundtrack of my youth;" members of the punk band Bad Brains; and Ian MacKaye of Teen Idles, Minor Threat and Fugazi, who all recorded at Inner Ear over the decades.