Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Directed by Julian Farino
Written by Doug Ellin

In the wake of the "Queens Boulevard" debacle, Vince decides that it's time to get away from L.A. and take a trip to Vegas with the boys. Ari tries to talk his star client out of the excursion, but with very little arm-twisting, ends up joining them instead.

Turtle helps make the trip into a working vacation by getting Vince a gig judging a "beauty contest." The $100K payoff requires a bit more work than expected, but it allows a lot of time with the buxom contestants... who turn out to be strippers. While debating whether his client should be affiliated with a stripper contest, Ari starts chasing his losing streak at the blackjack tables. Eric has his own problems, as he keeps running into Seth Green, who taunts E about his past with Sloan.

Drama has his own agenda for the trip -- a run of massages from his favorite (male) masseuse. Drama's doting patronage leads the former football star to think Drama is coming on to him, and Dramas "advances" that are eventually welcomed by the man with magic hands. All of the stress relief that Drama has earned is instantly undone, and he storms off in a twitchy rage.

Ari's losses continue to mount until Vince intervenes and starts playing his cards. After stacking the chips high, an improbable spread of cards come Vince's way, saving the day. The streak of good luck comes to an abrupt end at the stripper contest, when tensions between Eric and Seth Green come to a head. Fists and drinks fly between the respective entourages just in time for Drama to jump in and prove his manhood. Vince's sullied image is in for another beating.