I Love You Too

Directed by Julian Farino
Written by Doug Ellin

Heading to a comic book convention to launch Aquaman, Vince decides that he overreacted in blackballing Mandy Moore from the film, but when she wants him to be friends with her fianc�, he can't quite play along. The situation gets worse when an influential Internet journalist starts asking questions about the co-stars' old fling, and Vince abruptly ends the interview.

As the hero of Viking Quest, Drama is a big man at Comicon, and it's his acquaintances - a group of porn-stars turned comic heros -- that finally manage to turn the angry journalist around. After a visit from the Pussy Patrol, he deems Vince the perfect Aquaman, and the boys head back to L.A. to celebrate at a U2 concert, courtesy of Ari.