Kenny and TobyKenny and Toby

S3 Ep 21: Chapter 21

Kenny meets with the Mermen's manager. The closing pitcher for Texas was hit by a truck and Kenny's getting called up. He and the manager exchange vulgar farewells--"bye-bye, motherf***er"--and Kenny's on his way out of Myrtle Beach. He bursts into Andrea's classroom and breaks up with her in front of her classmates, but not before chastising their entire generation for being connected to the internet, Facebook, and DVDs. "Youth," he tells them, "can suck my d**k."

Stevie and Maria help Kenny prepare to go off to Texas by throwing his belongings into the sea. Stevie tells Kenny that Maria's pregnant, and they won't be joining him in Texas. Kenny is stunned, but proud, and he relieves Stevie of his assistant duties and gives him the keys to his jet ski, The Panty Dropper.

Kenny pays a visit to April to see his son and return Spurgeon the hermit crab. He tells Toby that he's moving away, but everything that comes his way--all the fame, fortune, and women--will be for the sake of making his son proud.

Kenny arrives in Texas and receives a stirring pep talk from scout Roy McDaniel. Taking the mound in his big league return, Kenny gets two strikes on the batter and, in that moment, realizes that he's accomplished everything he set out to. He drops the ball and leaves the game. Kenny drinks while driving home, and at a bend in the road, his car drives off the highway and explodes on impact.

Everyone who ever knew Kenny marks his loss, from fans and friends to his enemies to his family. As April prepares for the funeral, she hears her bell ring. Kenny is hiding in the bushes, his hair bleached blond. Kenny faked his death so he could be there for his family--the press would've never left them alone otherwise. April invites him inside to begin their lives together anew.