Kenny and brotherKenny and brother

S3 Ep 19: Chapter 19

Kenny's mother, Tammy Powers, takes a moment before her bowling match to instruct her assistant Brenda to prepare for Kenny's return--then she punches a bothersome rival bowler in the face. Kenny arrives at his mom's with his full crew in tow. She's glad to see Kenny and Toby, perplexed by Stevie and Casper, and enraged by the sight of Kenny's father, whom she promptly knees in the balls. Mother and son catch up inside, bonding and trading prescription drugs. The group goes to the bowling alley, where Eddie--as Tammy calls Kenny's dad--tries to get back in her good graces. Later, Tammy catches Kenny smoking weed in his room and makes him share it with her. She gives him a pep talk about baseball, forgiveness--"No good lugging a lot of hate around, it will give you ass cancer"--and how proud she is to see Kenny as a caring father. That night, Kenny can't sleep and goes into the kitchen, where he spots Casper and his dad trying to take off with his mom's silverware. Tammy demands an explanation, and Eddie comes clean: He came to rob her and Kenny came to ditch his kid. Kenny cops to it and Tammy, devastated, agrees to take Toby in. The next day, both Kenny and his dad have a change of heart. They show up at the bowling tournament and plead for Tammy to forgive them both. Tammy accepts their apology and then nails three consecutive strikes to win the tournament. She gives Kenny her minivan so he can begin the next chapter of his life with his son along for the ride.