kenny and buskenny and bus

S3 Ep 18: Chapter 18

Kenny visits Andrea's dorm and apologizes to Shane's former girlfriend, while positioning her as the punch-line to his "I rented this hooker" t-shirt. He tells Andrea it's time for them to grow up, and introduces Toby to his freaked out new mother figure. At the clubhouse, Kenny invites the Mermen to his epic Fourth of July party-everyone except Ivan. The Russian doesn't mind, as he's been asked to host a large club party under his moniker DJ Blu-Ray. Kenny is surprised in the parking lot by his estranged dad Eduardo and the man's son, Casper. Eduardo wants to reconnect with Kenny's mother and is overjoyed to find out he has a grandson. Stevie, wracked with guilt over having sex with Shane's sister, comes clean to Maria, who chases him out of the house. Kenny arrives at his big Fourth of July beach party on a jet ski, clad in an Uncle Sam outfit, but he finds the place empty. He goes to Ivan's club and finds it packed with people, including his teammates and girlfriend Andrea, who he immediately dumps. When his invitation for the crowd to move the party back to his spot on the beach backfires, Kenny and Casper light the club up with fireworks. Kenny returns home depressed, and Eduardo suggests he reach out to his mother for help taking care of his son.