Kenny on three wheelerKenny on three wheeler

S3 Ep 17: Chapter 17

As Shane lies dead on the floor, Kenny finishes the coke on the table and cleans up the mess in his apartment. He bids farewell to his departed friend, but not before asking permission to borrow his truck. At home, a distraught Kenny blames his son Toby for bringing curses upon him. At the beach, an angry Kenny accuses Ivan of driving Shane to overdose. Kenny and Stevie visit the funeral home to say their goodbyes to Shane, where they welcome Shane's family, including his twin brother, Cole. Needing to get some feelings off his chest, Kenny takes Cole to all the places Shane used to go. He asks Cole to channel Shane's spirit, and the straight-laced twin brother shuts him down. Kenny brings Cole to the dorm where his girlfriend Andrea and Shane's former girlfriend Kate live, and unveils him as Shane's risen body. Cole's had enough and tells Kenny that he's an a**hole and Cole was a deadbeat. Kenny pays his final respects at the funeral, blasting alt-rock from a boom box. Stevie, meanwhile, goes to comfort Shane's sister, and they have sex in her car. As Kenny claims to have channeled all of Shane's power, over the strains of Pearl Jam's "Alive," Shane's family decides they've had enough. They chase after him and demand that he return Shane's truck. Kenny obliges, leaving his cell phone inside. That night as Kenny reads to his son--from an extemporaneously edited version of Penthouse--the phone receives a call from April.