kenny and shane baseball fieldkenny and shane baseball field

S3 Ep 16: Chapter 16

Stevie and Maria move into Kenny's home in Myrtle Beach. With his wife's support, Stevie lays down some ground rules for his return to Kenny's life -- "no lending large sums of money," for example -- and Kenny enlists them to help raise Toby. At practice, Kenny sees Roy, the scout from Texas. Texas likes what they've seen from Kenny, but Roy's there to check out the newest prospect, Ivan Dochenko, a stud pitcher from Russia who throws a 102 MPH fastball. Roy wants Kenny to mentor his younger teammate, but they clash right away. When Kenny tells Ivan to be the Luke Skywalker to his Yoda, the Russian doesn't get the reference and calls Kenny a has-been. Kenny's confidence is shaken, and after being neglected by his college-aged girlfriend Andrea, returns home and confides in Stevie that he's nervous. Stevie delivers the deepest, most heartfelt confidence-building speech he can, and an inspired Kenny takes the mound that night with his son watching. After throwing two strikes, he gives up a home run and gets pulled from the game. Ivan comes in with the Russian anthem blaring and strikes out the next batter. Kenny and Shane go home and snort monster lines of cocaine, and as Kenny dances to the stereo, Shane suffers a heart attack behind him.