Kenny April mini golf Kenny April mini golf

S3 Ep 14: Chapter 14

Kenny Powers has been living large in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He rides the waves on his stars-and-bars boogie board and intimidates a young local surfer. He comes in and saves the game for his minor league baseball team, the Myrtle Beach Mermen. He and his teammate and buddy Shane even have college-aged girlfriends to mess around with on a public beach. But when Kenny drives to Shelby for his son Toby's one-year birthday party, he grows increasingly uncomfortable. He's reluctant to even hold his son and gets drunk at the party. Also, Kenny's toast-"Here's to f**king Toby. Well, not to f**king him, but you know, he's cool ..."-doesn't go over well with April or anyone else.

Back in Myrtle Beach, April stops by his place and Kenny apologizes for his behavior. After convincing April that she deserves a break, he enlists Shane to babysit and takes April out for a night on the town-Powers style. He gets her wasted on a party cruise and shows her all that Myrtle Beach has to offer, including a "gorgeous sunset that is totally rocking my nuts off." When a local family asks to play through at mini-golf, Kenny gets upset. And when the mother of the family insults April's parenting skills, she goes off and attacks her. Kenny and April spend the rest of the night getting high and enjoying each other's crazy company. They return home to their baby and Kenny opens up, telling April he's been lost without her.

After a night of passion, Kenny wakes up to an empty home. He notices a note from April on the counter: "Kenny- Sorry. I'm not myself. Last night only proved it. I'll be in touch." He hears a cry behind him and realizes that April has left him alone to care for their son.