Kenny's mexican sidekicks at cock fight Kenny's mexican sidekicks at cock fight

S2 Ep 12: Chapter 12

Written by Shawn Harwell, Jody Hill and Danny McBride
Directed by David Gordon Green

Kenny and Stevie prepare for their return to the States in good spirits. Kenny even gives Stevie permission to have sex with Maria. At his home, Kenny is surprised to find Pat Anderson, the baseball executive who screwed him over last year. Pat has just left rehab and is looking to make amends. He offers Kenny a shot back at the majors, having arranged for a scout to come watch him pitch. Looking to get back onto the Charros, Kenny visits Sebastian in his home. After a brief Mexican standoff, they declare a truce, and Kenny gets his shot. Stevie asks Kenny's permission to marry Maria and bring her back to America. Kenny grants it.

The ballplayer also has some scores to settle before leaving Mexico. Dressed all in white, La Flama Blanca seeks out Aaron and Hector, frees their cocks from their cages and lights their truck on fire. He finds Vida and reaffirms his identity as a "tit-man." He sizes her up from behind one last time before returning to the Charros to apologize to Roger and the team.

In his final game, Kenny pitches lights out and finally wins over the crowd with his baseball talents. After the game, Kenny meets Roy McDaniel, a scout from Texas. He offers Kenny a spot on Texas's minor league team in Myrtle Beach.

Stevie marries Maria and, with his new wife in tow, joins Kenny on their way back home.