Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues

Founded by filmmaker Sebastian Junger, RISC provides battlefield first aid training to freelance conflict journalists. The group offers first aid training to freelance journalists working in all media - photography, print and broadcast - to mitigate the many threats they face to their physical security while on the job.

Remembering Tim

Created by Tim?s parents Judith and Alistair Hetherington, Remembering Tim track events related to Tim?s photography. The site also serves as the future home of the Tim Hetherington Foundation which aims seek to encourage others to continue in Tim's footsteps, highlighting humanitarian and social concerns throughout the world.

Sleeping Soldiers - International Center of Photography School

Featured in the film, this series of photographic portraits by Hetherington shows an intimate side of a soldier?s life that is rarely seen. A selection of prints will be on display from April 4?May 13, 2013 at the International Center for Photography School located in New York City.

Inner Light: Portraits of the Blind - Yossi Mino Gallery

During his time in Sierra Leone, Hetherington photographed of young men and women left blind due to the violence from Civil War. Inner Light: Portraits of the Blind, Sierra Leone 1999- 2003 will be on display at the Yossi Mino Gallery in New York City from April 11?May 18, 2013.

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

A project of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, DART seeks to provide journalists around the world with the resources necessary to meet the challenge of reporting on traumatic events, drawing on a global, interdisciplinary network of news professionals, mental health experts, educators and researchers.

Committee to Protect Journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists promotes press freedom worldwide by defending the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal.

A Day Without News

This initiative seeks to draw attention to the growing numbers of journalists who have been killed and injured in armed conflict, develop a public diplomacy, institutional and legal agenda to combat this more effectively, and investigate and collect evidence in support of prosecutable cases in this area.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

IAVA is dedicated to improving the lives of new vets and their families. With more than 200,000 Member Veterans and civilian supporters nationwide, IAVA is building the New Greatest Generation with a three-pronged model based on advocacy, awareness and assistance.

Own the Soundtrack

Purchase the original soundtrack from "Which Way is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington". (All proceeds will be donated to the Tim Hetherington Foundation.)